Membership Application Details

--- Do not transfer any money ---
--- Please pay upon registration on the tournament day ---
--- Please read thoroughly to have the same understanding ---

What is ISF competition format ?

Our tournament competition format is Stroke Play Gross Score over 18 holes in 1 day.

How do you classified the players ?

We classified the players by their age and gender (age group) as follow:

Class A Boys/Girls 15 years old and above (and still studying)
Class B Boys/Girls 13 - 14 years
Class C Boys/Girls 11 - 12 years
Class D Boys/Girls 9 - 10 years
Class E Boys/Girls 7 - 8 years
Total 10 classes.
From October 1, 2011 onward, we will classify players by their birthday (previously using only year of birth)

My child is new to the game, do we have a chance to get trophy ?

ISF had long experienced in Junior Golf Competition and understood that the play ability of each player differed. Some serious golfers play well while others are weekend golfers and new comers. To encourage both the better players and the rest of the field, we decided to split the players of each class into two divisions.

1. Premiership Division. Place for the better players who received many trophies.
2. Championship Division. Place for the rest of the field and the new members.

You may wonder how the player get into each group. The rules are simple.

1. The new members will have to join the Championship Division first unless they request to join directly into the Premiership Division. Once granted, they cannot come down to play in the Championship Division until they grow up and move into the next age group.

2. On the first day of each fiscal year (January 1st,) everybody is one year older. Some may have to move into the next age group. When this happen, they will start in Championship Division of the next age group first. Again, if they think that they fit into the Premiership Division rather than Championship Division and request to be so, once granted, they cannot come down to play in the Championship Division until they get into the new age group on the following year or years after.

3. The third rule is important. Those players in the Championship Division who received two winning trophies (Winning Trophy only) will be automatically moved to the Premiership Division start from the following tournament for the rest of the year. This is to give a chance for other players in the Championship Division to get a trophy as motivation or encouragement.

And how many trophies do you have ?

It depends on number of participants in each tournament. Our normal practice is:

Premiership Division
1 - 3 players 1 trophy
4 - 5 players 2 trophies
6 players and above 3 trophies

(Certificate of Achievement will be issued for the top five of each class.)

Championship Division
The same rules as premiership applied. Further notice is that those who received two winning trophies will be automatically moved to the Premiership Division start from the following tournament for the rest of the year. The following trophies are for motivation and will not be counted.

How many tournaments ISF are running in a year so we can be prepared ?

Bangkok Tournaments ... Every 2nd Sunday and 4th Sunday of each month is scheduled for ISF junior golf tournament. However, some changes may occurred if that week happened to be a long weekend but we will keep you posted in our website once the changes confirmed. This is a rare case.

For further information, The 2nd Sunday will be played in a 18 holes par 72 golf course (currently Unico Grande Golf Course is our base) where players will have a chance to utilize all golf clubs in their bag in the general competition environment.

The 4th Sunday will be played over 2 rounds of a 9 holes par 3 golf course (currently Bang Plee Par 3 Golf Course is our base) where players will have a chance to practice their approach shot and putting skill. They must be a sharp shooter in order to win this game. This is good for youngsters for the distance is not the limit. For the bigger boys and girls, it is the time to know who is really tough in shot game.

Eastern Tournaments ... We will start with a Par 3 Golf Course (currently Palm Spring is our base) follow by a Par 72 Golf Course which is still negotiating. Final schedule will posted in our website once confirmed. Simply click the Tournament menu on the left column of the home page. The annual calendar will pop up for your perusal.

That sounds interesting, now, how do I join ?

First, he/she must be our member. The annual membership fee is Baht 700.- per family. Yes, per family regardless the number of children in the family provided they carried the same family name. The fees will be used to update our website and other means of communication when and where appropriate. Do not transfer any money to us, please pay upon registration.

Notice for the new member.

We request all new members to firstly apply to our earliest Par 3 tournament. We need to see his/her performance especially those under 10 years old. If we feel that he/she will not slow down the whole field when played in the Par 72 golf course then he/she can apply for any tournament scheduled.

Players belong to class F Boys and Girls (6 years and under), only Par 3 tournaments are allowed. The full length of par 72 golf course with greater distance is too tough for them.

Players with high outcome score (over 100) may be requested to play only in par 3 tournament until they can lower their strokes (below 100) before they will be allow to play in the par 72 golf course.

However, rules may be overruled when and where deem fit. The committee will decide and their decision is final.

Great, how about the competition fee ?

Bangkok Tournaments ... The par 72 tournaments (currently Unico Grande Golf Course is our base) is Baht 1,750.- inclusive of green fee, caddie fee and prizes excluding meals and tips for caddie.

The par 3 tournaments (Bang Plee Par 3 and Bangkok Golf Ma Boon Krong International Par III) is Baht 1,000.- inclusive of 2 rounds green fee, 2 rounds caddie fee and prizes excluding meals and tips for caddie.

Eastern Tournaments ... The par 3 tournament is Baht 1,000.- inclusive of 2 rounds green fee, 2 rounds caddie fee and prizes excluding meals and tips for caddie. The Par 72 Golf Course is still negotiating and will be posted once finalize.

Competition fee and venues may changes. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

Again, do not transfer any money to us, please pay upon registration.

How do I know whether the application has been received and accepted ?

Every email will be reply. Once the application form was received, the information will be uploaded to our website late in the evening.

While visiting our website at, on the horizon bar menu, there is a language switch between Thai and English. Try it.
After that, please view the home page thoroughly, there may be up-to-date information you need to pay attention on.
Next, click the tournament menu, the annual schedule will pop up.
The very first row will be the next tournament to be played.
On the far right column, click the word Draw or Pairing.
The new page of the draw (pairing) of the day will pop up.
Look at "Div" and "Class" column to find where you belong.
For Div column P=Premiership. C=Championship.
For Class column, first letter is the class they will play in, the following letter is the gender
ie. C/B = Class C Boy, D/G = Class D Girl.
You (your child) are somewhere there along with his/her tee time and number of hole to play from.

Thank you for clarifying this. What about the following tournaments, how do I apply ?

Simply visit our website at and check the tournament you wish to participate. Drop us an email to by simply write Mr. or Ms. would like to participate in (name of tournament) play on (date). That is it. Once replied, check the draw. If the name appear in the draw, it means you are registered and comfirmed.

Emailing is priority. SMS through mobile phone is next. Make audio calling the last.
We have several hundred members. My memory is not that good and since we travel a lot, taking a note while driving is not practicable. Please ease our life a bit.

I heard that ISF had Points Ranking system, please tell me more ?

It is true. Our "Seasonal Points Ranking" starts from October 1 of the year to September 30 of the following year. After the completion of each tournament, the players will received certain points related to their finishing position. The points will be accumulated and rank descendingly. The player with the greatest points will be sponsored to participate in The Sarawak Chief Minister Cup held sometime in November at Sarawak, Malaysia or any equivalant golf tournament abroad.
Note : The sponsorships are available for players in Premiership Division Class D and above only.

My friend would like to participate as a guest, not member, is it possible ?

Why not. The only difference is the trophies are for members only. The rest is the same. Please note that you must notify us prior to the beginning of the game to play as a guest. When the game is over and you know that you have a chance to win the trophy and would like to apply to be the member right away. It will not be accepted. That is unfair for others.

Who should I contact to get further information ?

Mr. Pongnat Vatanasak (Paul)
International Sports Federation (ISF)

He is available at the address shown below
If you wish to make a call to mobile or Landline, please make it between 10:00 am. To 6:00 pm.
We need some rest after that.
Email and Fax is round the clock service.
We will check email twice a day, in the afternoon and in the evening. The draw will be updated at night so you can view it first thing in the morning. The final draw will be on Saturday, the day before the tournament date.

*** More information is available at ***

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